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    • Birthdate: 1983
      Birthplace: United States |
      Gender: Male
      Lives and Works in: United States | New York
      Austin Lee (b.1983) lives and works in New York. He received an MFA in Painting from Yale School of Art and a BFA from Tyler School of Art. He has since staged several solo exhibitions in the US and Europe. He was included in M WOODS, Beijing’s Full of Peril and Weirdness: Painting as a Universalism, 2015 as well as projects at the Tate Modern, London. His work is currently showcased at Juxtapoz x Superflat curated by Takeshi Murakami at Vancouver Art Gallery. His work has been championed and curated by artists like Takeshi Murakami, Peter Saul and Marylin Minter and written about in Art in America, ARTnews, New York Magazine, Leap, Time Out New York and London, The NY Observer, Hyperallergic, Black Book, Kaleidoscope Magazine, The Spectator, and Rhizome.
      -2006    BFA Painting, Tyler School of Art
      -2013    MFA Painting, Yale School of Art
    • Biography


      2013  MFA Painting, Yale School of Art

      2006  BFA Painting, Tyler School of Art




      2016  Light Paintings, BANK, Shanghai, China

                Pretty Pictures, Uta Artists Space, Los Angeles, CA

                Anxiety, New Galerie, Paris, France

      2015  Nothing Personal, Postmasters Gallery, New York

                NO FAIR, Isbrytaren, Stockholm, SW

                Me Art, Kaleideoscope, Milan, Italy

      2014  Mixed Feelings, Carl Kostyal, London, UK

      2014  OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK, Postmasters Gallery,

                New York




      2016   JUXTAPOZ X SUPERFLAT, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada

                 Greek Gothan, Dio Horia Gallery, Mykonos, Greece

                 Grayscale, Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY        

      2015   #WCW (@womencrushwednesday), Postmasters Gallery,New York

                 Thinking and Touching Time, Ortega y Gasset Projects, New York NY

      2014   Portrait in the Twenty First Century, Postmasters Gallery, New York          

                 Appropriate Disruption, Jacob Lewis Gallery, New York, NY

                 Early Man, The Hole, New York, NY

                 Sha Boogie Bop, ANONYMOUS GALLERY, New York, NY

                 If you’re accidentally not included, don’t worry about it, curated by Peter Saul,

                 Galerie Zurcher, Paris, France

                 Ducks, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn,


                 Go With The Flow, The Hole, New York

                 Tossed, Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York

                 Positivilly Marvillainous, Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton, NY

                 If you’re accidentally not included, don’t worry about it, curated by Peter Saul,

                 Zurcher Studio, New York

      2013   casting a wide net, Postmasters Gallery, New York

                 Bite of Time, Fading Memory LVL3, Chicago

                 Yes, But Less, curated by Daria Irincheeva, Apt. 16, Newark,  

                 NJ Experiment Studio Aperto Gallery, St. Petersberg, Russia 

      2012   Deep Cuts, Curated by Wendy White & David Humphrey, Anna Kustera Gallery;

                "The Virgins Show Part 2," curated by Marilyn Minter, Family Business, New York

                 The Study, New Haven, CT

                 Getting It, Fowler Arts, Brooklyn

      2011   Chain Letter, Samson Projects, Bostoon

      2010   Thanks. Frank, The Elkins Estate, Elkins Park, PA

                 Kat Culchur, FLUXspace, Philadelphia 

                 No Soul for Sale: A Festival of Independents, Tate Modern, London

                 Reader's Art 10, Susan Hensel Gallery, Minneapolis

                 The Science of Art, MCH Gallery, Frederick, MA

      2009   Art Dash, Little Berlin, Philadelphia

                 My Face in Your Space, Nexus,Philadelphia Offerings, Little Berlin, Philadelphia

                 Victory for Tyler, The Ice Box, Philadelphia

      2008   Tile Fortune, Exclamation Gallery, Philadelphia

                 Project Portal, Historic Yellow Springs, Chester Springs, PA

                 Superior Floor System, Exclamation Gallery, Philadelphia

      2007   Parris, New York, Philadelphia, F.U.E.L Collection, Philadelphia

                 The World Won't End But Ours Will, Exclamation Gallery,Philadelphia

                 Puppies are Biodegradable, F.U.E.L. Collection, Philadelphia

      2006   Friendship: The Unsinkable, Test Pattern, Scranton

                 Nexus Selects, Nexus, Philadelphia

                 Introduce Yourself, F.U.E.L. Collection, Philadelphia

                 Serious Business, Tyler School of Art, Elkins Park, PA




      2015   Elijah Yarbrough, Austin Lee: Digital Transference,

                  Visionary Artistry Magazine, April 13     

                Stephanie Young, Austin Lee Strips Away And Finds The Core Of His Subjects,                       Beautiful/Decay, April 3

                Consumer Reports: Austin Lee, ARTnews, March 25

                Austin Lee. No Fair, We Find Wildness, March 20

                Klara Andersson Asman, No Fair: Austin Lee at Isbrytaren,

                Radar Magazine,March 14 Check it out Austin Lee, theplog, April 8

      2014  Andrew Russeth, Eyegays, Estatic Painting, And A Glorious Mess:

                Andrew Russeth On The Year In, And Beyond, The Galleries, ARTnews,

                December 30

                Jerry Saltz, 4 Art Shows From 2014 That I Can’t Forget, Vulture, December 20

                Jerry Saltz, 3-Sentence Reviews: Franz West, Matt Hoyt, and More, Vulture,  

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                Andrew Russeth On View: Austin Lee: OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK                      OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK’ at Postmasters, The Gallerist, March 5

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                February 27

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      2012    Austin Lee, Hear This You Creators, April 9


      2009    Libby, At Nexus-my face in your space, the Artblog, September 1

    • Exhibitions
        Feb 14, 2020 - Mar 5, 2020
        Opening: Feb 14, 2020 18:00 Friday
        Artists: Austin Lee, Geng Yini, Heidi Voet, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Jin Shan, Marc Lafia, Michael Lin, Oliver Herring, Patty Chang, Polit-Sheer-Form Office, Wang Jiaxue, Wang Rui, Xie Qi, Yanyan Huang, Yitian Sun, Zheng Haozhong
        • Group Exhibition
      • 2017 West Bund Art & Design
        Nov 9, 2017 - Nov 12, 2017
        Artists: Austin Lee, Chen Zhe, Chen Yujun, Geng Yini, Jin Shan, Lin Ke, Lore Vanelslande, Patty Chang, Polit-Sheer-Form Office, The Estate Maryn Varbanov, Xu Bing, Zheng Haozhong
        • Art Fair
        Jul 14, 2017 - Aug 30, 2017
        Opening: Jul 14, 2017 06:00 Friday
        Artists: Austin Lee, Dan Er, Dubravka Vidović, Fang Wei, Geng Yini, Hadas Zucker , Heidi Voet, Jin Shan, Liao Guohe, Liu Yin, Ma Daha, Patty Chang, Polit-Sheer-Form Office, Rafael Rozendaal, Sun Daliang, Wang Qifeng, Wang Rui, Wang Xiaohui, Yang Fan, Zhang Xin, Zheng Haozhong, Zhou Ming
        • Group Exhibition
      • Light Paintings
        Nov 8, 2016 - Dec 17, 2016
        Opening: Nov 8, 2014 05:00 Saturday
        Artist: Austin Lee
        • Solo Exhibition
      • 2016 West Bund Art and Design Fair
        Nov 9, 2016 - Nov 13, 2016
        Opening: Nov 5, 2016 Saturday
        Artists: Austin Lee, Chen Yujun, Chun Ouyang, Chun Ouyang, Heidi Voet, Jin Shan, Zheng Haozhong
        • Art Fair
    • Artworks
      • The la joconde

        Painting | Flashe acrylic on board | 2015

      • Donkey

        Painting | drawing on paper | 40.6 × 33 cm | 2006

      • Shoe Wearers 23

        Sculpture | 3D printed bronze, acrylic, pigment | 15 cm | 2016

      • Shoe Wearers 22

        Sculpture | 3D printed bronze, acrylic, pigment | 15 cm | 2016

      • Shoe Wearers 19

        Sculpture | 3D printed bronze, acrylic, pigment | 15 cm | 2016

      • Shoe Wearers 18

        Sculpture | 3D printed bronze, acrylic, pigment | 15 cm | 2016

      • Shoe Wearers 17

        Sculpture | 3D printed bronze, acrylic, pigment | 15 cm | 2016

      • Shoe Wearers 16

        Sculpture | 3D printed bronze, acrylic, pigment | 15 cm | 2016

      • Shoe Wearers 15

        Sculpture | 3D printed bronze, acrylic, pigment | 15 cm | 2016

      • Shoe Wearers 14

        Sculpture | 3D printed bronze, acrylic, pigment | 15 cm | 2016

    • Publications
      • Spheres

        By Austin Lee