Zhou Changyong
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    • Zhou Changyong
    • Birthdate: 1974
      Birthplace: China | Hefei
      Gender: Male
      Lives and Works in: China | Beijing
      Zhou Changyong was born in Jinan, Shandong Province where he received his bachelor degree from sculpture department of Shandong Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. In 2010, he graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master degree in sculpture, and now he lives and works in Beijing. Zhou’s works can be seen as the complex product of contemporary philosophy, film history, and multi-regional cultural collisions. Recent exhibitions include The Third Biennale China-Italia, Turin, Art021 Fair, Shanghai, 2015, Starting, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2012, Direction of Wind –Chinese Contemporary Inspiring Artists Group Show, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia, 2012.
    • Biography
    • 1974     Born in Jinan City,Shandong Province 

      1997     Graduated from Sculpture Department of Shandong Academy  of Art with BA

      1997     Jion the army, engaged in the development of computer software and teaching system

      2010     Graduated from Sculpture Department of  Central Academy of Fine Arts  with MFA

      2016     Responsible for the high research class project of digital modeling art of CAFA

      Present work and live in Beijing


      2017/05   On road--Chinese young artists nominated Exhibition, Beijing,China 

      2017/04   Chinese young Experimental art exhibition, WeiFang,Chnia

      2016/11   Chinese young artists nominated Exhibition, ShenZhen,Chnia

      2016/09   Collection exhibition White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney,Australia

      2016/06   Inclind Plane, Beijing,China

      2016/03   Daily Formalism, Shanghai,China

      2015/12   The new state —2015 Taiyuan International Sculpture Biennale, TaiYun,China

      2015/11   ART021 21 - Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

      2015/11   QiDu—2015 art and home exhibition, Beijing, China         

      2015/06   The third session of Biennale China-Italia—Information of the Exhibition, Turin,Italy

      2015/04   The third session of the future of Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Chongqing,China

      2014/11   2014 Second China International Forum on installation art, Shanghai, China

      2014/04   “Torrents of Spring ” Exhibition 2014 Qingdao sculptor, Qingdao, China

      2013/05   2013 Beijing Art Fair, Beijing, China

      2012/12   “Open Sky”—International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chongqing, China

      2012/11   “Dir”— Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition of Young Artists             Moscow,Russia       

      2012/9  “Sculpting China”—CAFA Sculpture Retrospective Exhibition, Beijing, China

      2012/8   2012 China International Youth Art Festival  art exhibition, Beijing, China

      2012/01   Inspiration—Exhibition of Young Artists Promotion Program by Chinese Sculpture Association at Today Art Museum, Beijing, China                                                   

      2011/12   The Scattered &Fragment Imagined--Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition at Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

      2011/11    Endless Variations—Mr. Sui Jianguo and His Students at Red Star Gallery, Beijing, China                  

      2010/09   “Form”—Chinese Sculpture Association Salon’s Youth Promotional Exhibition,   Chinese Sculpture Association Salon, Beijing, China                      

      2010/08  Sculptural Forms, Dialogue Series Exhibition, The Michael Schultz Gallery, Beijing, China       

      2010/08     Creative Spotlight Beijing, International Light Works Show, Ditan Park, Beijing, China

    • Exhibitions
      • Daily Formalism
        Mar 18, 2016 - Jun 15, 2016
        Opening: Mar 18, 2016 02:00 Friday
        Artists: *LLND, Ai Weiwei, Evan Robarts, Garcia Frankowski, He Yida, Tao Yi, Wang Yuyang, Yang Huigui, Yang Mushi, Yao Shu‘an, Zhou Changyong
        • Group Exhibition
    • Artworks
      • 400,000 Kilometers | Zhou Changyong

        Installation, New Media | mixed media, LED | 280 × 80 × 100 cm | 2010

      • In the Emptiness He Becomes his Own Angels | Zhou Changyong

        Installation, New Media | LED, Multimedia | 100 × 100 × 60 cm | 2011

      • From Django Unchained 35’05” - 37’06” | Zhou Changyong

        New Media | Fiberglass, video | 75 × 62 × 60 cm | 2014