Liao Guohe
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    • Liao Guohe
    • Birthdate: 1977
      Birthplace: India | Calcutta
      Gender: Male
      Lives and Works in: China | Hunan
      Liao Guohe (b.1977, Calcutta, India), graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, UCSB, Mechanical Drafting, and Hunan Normal University, Special Education, lives and works in Changsha. Liao Guohe expounds obscure, satirical criticism about contemporary culture through his signature, discordant yet enchanting painting style.

      His recent solo shows include Instant Morality at BANK, Shanghai, 2014; Satisfaction Guaranteed at Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, 2014; Liao Guohe, Ten Thousand Houses at Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, 2016. His work has also been featured in 2016 Montreal Biennial; Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan; PARA SITE, Hong Kong; Power Station of Art, Shanghai and Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, etc.
      -2001    University of California, Santa Barbara, UCSB, Mechanical Drafting
         Hunan Normal University, Special Education
    • Biography
    • Liao Guohe

      1977   Born in Calcutta, India

      Now    Lives and Works in Changsha, Hunan



      2001   Graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara, UCSB, Mechanical Drafting


      Solo Exhibitions:

      2016   Liao Guohe, Ten Thousand Houses, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, China

      2015   Gold Rush, Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles, USA 

      2014   Fu Project, ART021, Shanghai, China

                 Satisfaction Guaranteed, Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing

                 Instant Morality, BANK, Shanghai

      2013   Bananas, Eggplants, Meet Pattles, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing

      2012   Popular Painting, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing

      2011    Shameless, Platform China, Beijing

      2010    Liao Guohe, Magician Space, Beijing

                  Ukrainian, Shopping Gallery, Shanghai

      2008    Quietly Appeared Commercial Salon,i.e. Useless King on the Shore of the Fools, Wu Shanzhuan, Wang Xingwei and Liao Guohe Creation Selling Exhibition, Shopping Gallery, Shanghai


      Group Exhibitions:

      2016   Le Grand Balcon, Museé d'art contemporain de Montréal, Canada

                 SNACKS, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

      2015   The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, NICODIM GALLERY, Los Angeles, USA

                 Jing Shen - The act of painting in contemporary China, Padiglione d‘Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy

                 Drawing•Art of Re-Zuo, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

                 The BANK Show, Vive le Capital, Bank, Shanghai,China

                 A Hundred Years of Shame – Songs of Resistance and Scenarios for Chinese Nations, PARA SITE, Hong Kong 

      2014   Boredom is the Beginning of Action..., L-Art Gallery, Chengdu, China

                 Ministry of Truth II: The Factitious and its Realm, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China

                 Conscious: Twelve views on painting, TANG Contemporary Art, Beijing

                 Art in the City Project, BANK, Chi K11 art space, Shanghai

                 Given, NUOART, Beijing

      2013   PAINT(erly), BANK, Shanghai

                 Archipelago, V-Art Center, Shanghai

                 The Picture Show, ANTENNA SPACE, Shanghai

                 The Overlapping Reflection, ZhuJiajiao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai

                 Rural Poetics, Gland, Beijing

      2012   The Worst Exhibition, Gland, Beijing

      2011    dAfT, Shanghai Gallery of Art

      2010    Relative To The Naive Art Style, Fine Arts Literature Art Center, Wuhan

                  A Close-up Focus on Chinese Contemporary Art Trends, Platform China, Beijing

      2009    Contemporary Art In SongJiang--Bourgeois Oriented Proletariat, Creative Workshop, Shanghai

      2005    Amsterdam Erotic Art Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands

      2003    LiuYang Poetry Reciting Meeting, International Customs Of Liuyang, Liuyang

      2001    Tennessee Catharine Molding Festival, Tennessee

    • Exhibitions
        Jul 14, 2017 - Aug 30, 2017
        Opening: Jul 14, 2017 06:00 Friday
        Artists: Austin Lee, Dan Er, Dubravka Vidović, Fang Wei, Geng Yini, Hadas Zucker , Heidi Voet, Jin Shan, Liao Guohe, Liu Yin, Ma Daha, Patty Chang, Polit-Sheer-Form Office, Rafael Rozendaal, Sun Daliang, Wang Qifeng, Wang Rui, Wang Xiaohui, Yang Fan, Zhang Xin, Zheng Haozhong, Zhou Ming
        • Group Exhibition
      • "Gold Rush" @ Paramount Ranch Fair
        Jan 30, 2016 - Jan 31, 2016
        Opening: Jan 30, 2016 10:00 Saturday
        Artist: Liao Guohe
        • Art Fair
      • The Bank Show
        Mar 29, 2015 - May 24, 2015
        Opening: Mar 29, 2015 15:00 Sunday
        Artists: Aernout Mik, Cai Guoqiang, Chen Shaoxiong, Chen Tianzhuo, Christoph Draeger, Denyi Studio, Dieter Meier, Double Fly , Gianni Motti, Heidi Voet, Javier Viver, Kelvin B. Lee, Liao Guohe, Marcus Yee and Heman Chong, Orit Ben-Shitrit, Paul Chan, Rainer Ganahl , The Raqs Media Collective, Wang Sishun, Xu Zhen, Zhang O, Zhao Yao
        • Group Exhibition
      • Instant Morality
        May 18, 2014 - Jul 19, 2014
        Opening: May 18, 2014 Sunday
        Artist: Liao Guohe
        • Solo Exhibition
      • Paint(er)ly
        Sep 27, 2013 - Dec 1, 2013
        Opening: Sep 27, 2013 18:00 Friday
        Artists: Chun Ouyang, Fang Wei, Gang Zhao, Geng Yini, Jin Shan, Liao Guohe, Martin Murphy, Monika Bravo
        • Group Exhibition
    • Artworks
      • Fortune, Liberty, Justice, Fairness | Liao Guohe

        Painting | acrylic on canvas | 50 × 60 cm | 2014

      • Swan begs three assholes | Liao Guohe

        Painting | Acrylic on canvas | 220 × 192 cm | 2013

      • Untitled (Car, Tunnel, Sycee) | Liao Guohe

        Painting | Acrylic and spray paint on canvas | 186 × 228 cm | 2015

      • The Party's Policy Is Good | Liao Guohe

        Painting | Acrylic on canvas | 40 × 50 cm | 2010

      • The Gold Sycee | Liao Guohe

        Painting | Acrylic on canvas | 50 × 60 cm | 2009

      • Gold | Liao Guohe

        Painting | Acrylic on canvas | 40 × 50 cm | 2010

      • Corruption Makes people Blush, Innocence Is Just Like A Dove | Liao Guohe

        Painting | Acrylic and spray paint on canvas | 175 × 228 cm | 2015

      • Feeling grateful because of you | Liao Guohe

        Installation | Installation | 253x136x79cm, 176x126x90cm | 2011

      • B❤ | Liao Guohe

        Installation | Installation, metal, enamel | 165x135x55cm,65x48x53cm | 2015

      • Responsibilities (Whip, Ball) | Liao Guohe

        Painting | Acrylic on canvas | 205 × 205 cm | 2009