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    • Group Name: *LLND
      Group Member: Laurent Lettrée, Nathalie Delpech
      Date Founded: 2003
      *LLND is an artist duo formed by Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech in Paris in 2003. Now they live and work in Shanghai. *LLND has been creating innovative art concepts, multiple participatory audio-visual instruments and Interactive Installations. Building various universes with the elements of time, light and sound is the core of *LLND’s practice. Their work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Ningbo Museum of Art, Noeli Gallery, Shanghai; Anne Lettree Gallery, Paris and they have also exhibited at Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai; Studio Rouge Gallery, Honking; Dexter Gallery, Paris; Shanghai Biennale; Next Art Fair, Chicago etc.
    • Biography
    • *LLND



      2003            formed in Paris

      2009-           lives and works in Shanghai


      Solo Exhibitions:


      2015            “Resonance of the Breath”, Ningbo Museum of Art, Ningbo, China

      2015            “Gravity” Solo Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, Shanghai, China 

      2014            “Time Resonance”, La Maison de Chopard, Xintiandi, Shanghai

      2013            “Kimapstic”, Studio Rouge Gallery, Hongkong

      2012            “The Fouquet’s", Paris

      2011            “Time Compression – serie portraits”, Hong Merchant Gallery

      2010            “Speaker Mouths”, French week Music Day, Xintiandi, Shanghai, China

      2009            “Silk Road Inner Road”,Organhouse Art Space, Chongqing,China

      2008            “ESC8-environment sound controler”,Reuilly space, Paris,France

      2007            “Time Compression – serie made in china”, Anne Lettree Gallery, Paris, China

      2006            “Kit Art”, Anne Lettree Gallery, Paris, France

      2005            “18 pixel2”, Forum of FNAC Digitale, Paris, France



      Selected Group Exhibitions:


      2016            “The Digital World” Group Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, China

      2015             French Artists Group Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, China

      2013            “432 Hz”, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai,

      2013            “Kimapse”, Studio Rouge Gallery, Hongkong, 

      2012-2011   “Speaker Mouths” Paris Illuminations

      2011            “PEH” Gallery input-output, Hongkong, 

      2011            “Time Compression – serie portraits” Hong Merchant Gallery, Shanghai

      2010            “Generation Pixel”, Dexter Gallery, Paris, 

      2008            “Treeble Septuor”, Next Art Fair, presented by Walsh Gallery, Chicago 

      2006            “Kit Art”, Anne Lettree Gallery, Paris

      2005            “Kwa Bawon”, Venice Biennale with Maxence Denis 

      2004            “Project 303, third life”, Shanghai Biennale Opening



      Selected Collaboration Projects:


      2014             Diesel            

      2011             Daning Life Hu 

      2011             Perriet-Jouet      

      2011             Maybelline Loreal 

      2010             Shuion Sh

      2010/2014   French Embassy

      2007             Maison Blanche

      2003             Audi            

      2001             Pierre Cardin Castel Opening

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      • Daily Formalism
        Mar 18, 2016 - Jun 15, 2016
        Opening: Mar 18, 2016 02:00 Friday
        Artists: *LLND, Ai Weiwei, Evan Robarts, Garcia Frankowski, He Yida, Tao Yi, Wang Yuyang, Yang Huigui, Yang Mushi, Yao Shu‘an, Zhou Changyong
        • Group Exhibition