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    • Geng Yini
    • Birthdate: 1982
      Birthplace: China | Liaoning
      Gender: Female
      Lives and Works in: China | Liaoning
      Geng’s gooey paintings with their manifold surfaces and schizophrenic narratives are a testimony to our interactive computer lives where we simultaneously dance between multiple windows, looking and covering, pointing at past and future. What the total sum of ingredients in her uncanny works may mean is not the point; it is the lighthearted celebration of unbridled plurality that gives Geng’s work its edge.

      Geng Yini is a recent graduate of Lu Xun Academy in Shenyang and has shown her works in numerous venues including V-Art Center Shanghai, Today Museum, Beijing and Blue Top Museum in Chengdu.
      -2005    Oil Painting Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
      -2012    Master of Fine Art, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
    • Biography
    • Geng Yini 

      Born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, 1982. 



      2001 The Affiliated High School of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts 

      2005 Oil Painting Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts 

      2012 Master of Fine Art, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts 


      Solo Exhibition 

      2018 Fight with your bare hands, K11 art village, Wuhan

      2017 Perfect Duck Deep Pond, chi K11 art museum, Shanghai

      2015 God Loves Whatever, BANK, Shanghai 

      2013 Bad Form, BANK, Shanghai 


      Solo Project 

      2016 Solo Project, FORMOSA 101 Art Fair, Taipei

      2014 Solo Project, SH Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai 


      Group Exhibition 

      2018  ON·PAPER SUPREME, Space Ten, Shenyang

      2018  Assembling, chi K11 art space, Shenyang

      2017  Socialist Baroque, N3 Gallery, Beijing


      2016 Dissensus Agitation, The Painting to Language, Today Art Museum, Beijing 

                Expressionism in Northeast China, LuXun Acadamy of Fine Arts, Shenyang

                WE: A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists, K11, Shanghai 

      2015 Community of Celibates, Shanghai 

                Gallery of Art, Shanghai 

                Our Real, Your Surreal, chi K11 art museum, Shanghai 

                Shanghai Deal 2, Radical Space,Shanghai

                IVY Art Young Artist Group Show, Today Art Museum,Beijing 

                Small is Beautiful,Jewelvary Art and Boutique, Shanghai 

      2014 Up-Youth, China Young Artist Exhibition, Beijing Times Museum

                On the Road, Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists& Forum of Young Art Critics, Guan Shanyue Art Museum

                Shenyang Emerging Artists Exhibition, Jiuli Art Museum, Shenyang 

      2013 Borderless- Chinese Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition, Berlin 

                CYAP Istanbul Exhibition - The Temperature of Color, Istanbul 

                55th Venice Biennial Collateral Event – Amplify, Venice Paint(erly), BANK, Shanghai 

                ANTENNA SPACE Shanghai Opening Exhibition, ANTENNA SPACE, Shanghai

                Jungle II - A Diffse Pattern, Platform China Conterporary Art Institute, Beijing

                Revel, MoCA, Shanghai 

      2012 Just What Is It About the End of the World That Makes It So Appealing?, V-ART CENTER, Space 1 , Shanghai 

               Future of China, HIHEY Project of New Artists, Today Art Museum, Beijing 

               Ginseng, Season Gallery, Beijing

      2011 Northeastern Young Artists, Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu

               North New Line II, Red Star Gallery, Beijing

      2010 The Youth Yelling, ART-7212, Shenyang

      2009 Songzhuang Art Festival, Songzhuang Museum, Beijing 

               Green Contemporary Art, Beijing 

               Northeastern Young Artists, Shenyang 

               Open Day, Xiashen Arts District, Shenyang Set Sail, Shenyang

               Let’s Continue the Story, Shenyang 

      2007 Chinese Contemporary Documentation, Beijing

      2002 Different Art Channel Video Art Exhibition, Shenyang



      Blue Roof Museum, Cheng Du, China

      Jolie Art Museum, Shen Yang, China

      He Xiangning Art Museum, Shen Zhen, China

      Beijing Times Museum, China

      Uli Sigg Collection, Switzerland 

      White Rabbit Collection

    • Exhibitions
      • ART 021
        Nov 12, 2020 - Nov 15, 2020
        Opening: Nov 12, 2020 Thursday
        Artists: Geng Yini, Jin Shan, Lin Ke, Lu Yang, Oliver Herring, Xie Qi, Yitian Sun
        • Art Fair
      • Virtual Power
        May 13, 2020 - Jul 13, 2020
        Opening: May 13, 2020 07:00 Wednesday
        Artist: Geng Yini
        • Solo Exhibition
        Feb 14, 2020 - Mar 5, 2020
        Opening: Feb 14, 2020 18:00 Friday
        Artists: Austin Lee, Geng Yini, Heidi Voet, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Jin Shan, Marc Lafia, Michael Lin, Oliver Herring, Patty Chang, Polit-Sheer-Form Office, Wang Jiaxue, Wang Rui, Xie Qi, Yanyan Huang, Yitian Sun, Zheng Haozhong
        • Group Exhibition
      • 2017 West Bund Art & Design
        Nov 9, 2017 - Nov 12, 2017
        Artists: Austin Lee, Chen Zhe, Chen Yujun, Geng Yini, Jin Shan, Lin Ke, Lore Vanelslande, Patty Chang, Polit-Sheer-Form Office, The Estate Maryn Varbanov, Xu Bing, Zheng Haozhong
        • Art Fair
      • Perfect Duck Deep Pond
        Sep 16, 2017 - Oct 22, 2017
        Opening: Sep 16, 2017 Saturday
        Artist: Geng Yini
        • Solo Exhibition
        Jul 14, 2017 - Aug 30, 2017
        Opening: Jul 14, 2017 06:00 Friday
        Artists: Austin Lee, Dan Er, Dubravka Vidović, Fang Wei, Geng Yini, Hadas Zucker , Heidi Voet, Jin Shan, Liao Guohe, Liu Yin, Ma Daha, Patty Chang, Polit-Sheer-Form Office, Rafael Rozendaal, Sun Daliang, Wang Qifeng, Wang Rui, Wang Xiaohui, Yang Fan, Zhang Xin, Zheng Haozhong, Zhou Ming
        • Group Exhibition
      • Formosa 101 Art Fair
        May 13, 2016 - May 15, 2016
        Opening: May 12, 2016 18:00 Thursday
        Artist: Geng Yini
        • Art Fair
      • God Loves Whatever
        May 30, 2015 - Jul 10, 2015
        Artist: Geng Yini
        • Solo Exhibition
      • DYSTOPIA AND ITS CONTENT(MENT)S – 3 Solo Projects
        Dec 14, 2013 - Feb 16, 2014
        Opening: Dec 14, 2013 15:00 Saturday
        Artists: Geng Yini, Ma Daha, Marc Lafia
        • Solo Exhibition
      • Paint(er)ly
        Sep 27, 2013 - Dec 1, 2013
        Opening: Sep 27, 2013 18:00 Friday
        Artists: Chun Ouyang, Fang Wei, Gang Zhao, Geng Yini, Jin Shan, Liao Guohe, Martin Murphy, Monika Bravo
        • Group Exhibition
    • Artworks
      • Princess Drake | Geng Yini

        Painting | Oil on canvas | 100 × 80 cm | 2019

      • A Vine's Homesick | Geng Yini

        Painting | 2020

      • Carp's Moongazing | Geng Yini

        Painting | Oil on canvas | 2019

      • A Hare’s Wild Oriole Chase | Geng Yini

        Painting | Oil on canvas

      • Strength Wave | Geng Yini

        Painting, Installation | Oil on canvas | 2019

      • Desert Vegetation | Geng Yini

        Painting | Oil on canvas

      • Everyone with Strength Deserves a Cute Medal | Geng Yini

        Painting | Oil on canvas | 2019

      • Strength Spell in Kingdom | Geng Yini

        Painting | Oil on canvas | 2020

      • Submission, Tears, and Gold Nuggets | Geng Yini

        Painting | Oil on canvas | 2020

      • Sulk the Elk | Geng Yini

        Painting | Oil on canvas | 190 × 144 cm | 2018