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    • Gender: Female
      Lives and Works in: China | Shanghai
      Madam Xiao Hui Wang (WANG Xiaohui), a renown artist who divides herresidence between Shanghai and Munich, works mainly in photography but alsocreates in the filed of sculpture, design, film and media art. She has also madea name for herself as an author.

      Her artwork has been presented in museums and galleries in numerouscountries – most of them solo shows. Many of her works are collected byprivate collectors and public institutions. She has received numerous awardsfor her artwork both at home and abroad. To date, she has published over 50books and art catalogues. Her autobiography, "My Visual Diary", has been abest seller for years and won important prizes in China, like the "ShanghaiExcellent Book Award." Therefore, she is regarded as the "Youth Idol" by Chinese media.

      She has been a professor at Tongji University in Shanghai where she foundedthe institute "Xiao Hui Wang Art Center" in 2003. She was the generaldesigner for the theme pavilion- "Urban Footprint Pavilion" at the 2010Shanghai World Expo. The city of Suzhou opened the "Xiao Hui Wang ArtMuseum" in 2013 and the city of Zhuhai established "Xiao Hui Wang ArtAcademy" in 2014.

      Prof. Wang is a recipient of the "German-Sino Friendship Award", issued by the German government. Being a "Cultural Ambassador", she plays an active role inculture exchanges between China and Germany. She has also been recognizedby the influential magazine "Phoenix Weekly" in Hong Kong as one of the top50 "Chinese who Impact the Future of the World".

      Moreover, Prof. Wang's recent honors include Honorary Member ofthe BFF (German Association of Photographers and Designers), the"International Star Artist Award" at Art Masters in St. Moritz, "Photographer ofthe Year" by Shanghai Media Group, "Artist of the Year" by South China MediaGroup, "Most Valuable Female Artist by Harper's Bazaar, "Gorgeous Awards forArtists" by Jaguar, "Most Successful Woman" by Jessica in Hong Kong, "Artist ofthe Year" by China Luxury Association, "Female Pace Setter" and "ExcellentDesigner" and "the Top 10 Leading Images in Creative Industry" by the city ofShanghai. She was also voted the "Most Sympathetic Artist by 2.76 million netizens from
    • Biography
    • Wang Xiaohui

      1957 Born in Tianjin

      Now lives and works at Shanghai and Munich



      1986     Master degree, Department of Architecture in Tongji University


      Solo Exhibition (Selected)

      2011     “Shanghai Women”, Top Marques Macau, Macau

      2010       Xiao Hui Wang Anniversary Solo Exhibition, Elisabeth de Brabant Chinese Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Shanghai

                    “Film and Multimedia Works of Xiao Hui Wang”, Harvard University, Boston

                    “Xiao Hui Wang and 10,000 Dreams”,Shanghai Sculpture Museum, Shanghai

                    “Xiao Hui Wang and her work”, Hammer Gallery, Zurich

                    “Xiao Hui Wang solo exhibition”, 1933 Art Center, Shanghai

      2009     “Xiao Hui Wang Works“, Art Seasons Gallery, St. Moritz, Switzerland

                    “Red Child“, Frankfurt Ausstellungshalle, Frankfurt

                    “Xiao Hui Wang Works“, Galerie Maurer, Frankfurt

                    “Xiao Hui Wang Works”, Roppongi Art Center, Tokyo 

                    “The Eros of Flowers”, Elisabeth de Brabant Chinese Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Shanghai

                    “Inner Dialogue”, Elisabeth de Brabant Chinese Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Shanghai

      2008     “Shanghai Women—Between the Reality and the Unreality”, Art Seasons Gallery, Zürich

                    “Women’s Shanghai Garden”, Elisabeth de Brabant Villa, Shanghai

                    “Define Women”, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao

                    “Shanghai Women”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Munich

                    “Tribute to Wang Xiaohui—Twenty Years with Photography”, Art Masters Festival, St Moritz, Switzerland

                    “Shanghai Women—Between the Real and the Unreal”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Munich

      2007     “Red Child”, 798 Art Festival, TS1 ONE Gallery, Beijing

                    “Between Two World—A Retrospective”, Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin

      2006    “The Eros of Flowers”, Camera Work, Berlin

      2005     “Borderless”, BMW Exhibition Center, Berlin

                    “The Eros of Flowers”, Camera Work, Hamburg

      2004     “Art in Bloom”, Upper Eastside Townhouse, New York

                    “House of Photography”, Fotobiennale, Moscow

                    “A - Live“, Art Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou.

      2003     “The Eros of Flowers”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

      2002     “A Blaze of Colours”, Taiwan International Arts Center, Taipei

                    “Looking Inside Out: Conceptualizing Photography”, Millenium Exhibition Center, Beijing 

      2001     “Abstract Photography”, Photogalerie im Kulturzentrum, Mannheim         

                    “Die Schaukel”, Das Gelbe Haus Museum, Flims, Switzerland

      1999     “Xiao Hui Wang Photography”, Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong

      1998     “Century Woman”, National Museum of Art, Peking (group show)

                    “Contemporary Photo Art from China and Xiao Hui Wang”, Kunsthalle, Darmstadt

      1997     “Photographic Review”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai:

                    “Visual Diary and Associations with Death”, International Photo Festival, Herten

      1993     “China Avantgarde”, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

      1992     “Xiao Hui Wang Photography” AGFA Center, Munich

      1990    “Licht und Widerschein”, Werkbund Gallery, Berlin


      Group Exhibition (Selected)

      2016     “Sino German Moving Image Exhibition, Tongji University, Shanghai

                    “Connection”, SM Mart, Xiamen

                    “Himalaya”, Rockbund, Shanghai

      2015    “Shanghai Design Week: Dreams”, Shanghai Exhibition Center,Shanghai

                    “Nano Photography”, China Art Museum, Shanghai

      2014     “Beyond Architecture”, China Design Centre at The Building Centre, London

                    “Beyond Architecture”, Casa dell’ Architettura, Rome

                    “Frauenbilder in der zeitgenössischen Fotographie”, Mercedes Benz, Munich 

      2013     “Flowers & Mushrooms”, Museum der Morderne, Salzburg(Group show)

      2009    “Metropolis Now! – A Selection of Chinese Contemporary Art”, Meridian International Center, Washington

      2008     “Asia Contemporary in Basel”, Art Basel, Union Basel

                    “My Last 100 Years”, CinaviCina Festival, Rome

      2007     “Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair“, Walter Storms Gallery, Shanghai

                    “Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair“, Felix Ringel Gallery, Shanghai

      2006     “Erotic Flowers”, Camera Work, Berlin, Art Basel

                    “My Last 100 Years”, Pusan Biennale, Korean

                    “My Last 100 Years”, Shanghai Biennale, Moma Shanghai

      2005     “Erotic Flowers”, Paris Photo, Scalo Gallery

                    “Erotic Flowers”, Red Mansion Fundation, London

                    “Erotic Flowers”, Art Basel, Scalo Gallery

      2004     “Between Two Worlds”, Club Na Brestskoy, Moscow

                    “Grenzenlos”, BMW Pavilion, Munich

                    “Erotic Flowers”, Art Cologne, Storms Gallery, Cologne

                    “Erotic Flowers”, Photo New York, Scalo Gallery, New York

      2003     “The Eros of Flowers”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

      1998     “Century Woman”, National Museum of Art, Peking

      1990     “Support Exhibition”, Kuenstlerwerkstatt, Munich

    • Exhibitions
        Jul 14, 2017 - Aug 30, 2017
        Opening: Jul 14, 2017 06:00 Friday
        Artists: Austin Lee, Dan Er, Dubravka Vidović, Fang Wei, Geng Yini, Hadas Zucker , Heidi Voet, Jin Shan, Liao Guohe, Liu Yin, Ma Daha, Patty Chang, Polit-Sheer-Form Office, Rafael Rozendaal, Sun Daliang, Wang Qifeng, Wang Rui, Wang Xiaohui, Yang Fan, Zhang Xin, Zheng Haozhong, Zhou Ming
        • Group Exhibition
    • Artworks
      • The Eros of Flowers FE-17 | Wang Xiaohui

        Photography | Digital C Print | 120 × 80 cm | 1999 - 2004

      • The Eros of Flowers AF-208 | Wang Xiaohui

        Photography | Digital C Print | 120 × 80 cm | 1999 - 2004

      • The Eros of Flowers FE -21 | Wang Xiaohui

        Photography | Digital C Print | 120 × 80 cm | 1999 - 2004

      • The Eros of Flowers AF-228 | Wang Xiaohui

        Photography | Photograph | 120 × 80 cm | 1999 - 2004