ART 021

Nov 12, 2020 - Nov 15, 2020 Art Fair

Opening: Nov 12, 2020 Thursday
Artists: Oliver Herring , Lin Ke , Yitian Sun , Jin Shan , Xie Qi , Geng Yini , Lu Yang
Address: Shanghai Exhibition Center(No.1000 Middle Yan An Road)
BANK is pleased to present selection of figurative works by Oliver Herring, Lin Ke, Sun Yitian, Jin Shan, Xie Qi, Geng Yini and Lu Yang in ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, on view from Nov 12th to 15th. BANK's booth is designed as a multicolored carniveleque domestic setting and complemented by original Jean Prouvé furniture. In a time when words fail, our facial expressions and body languages continue to reflect our disposition and state of existence. The works presented are “portraitures” of various subjects - be they people, gods or things. In their stern yet playful eyes, firm yet graceful figures, we see humanity, passion, and relentless prayers. One moment we dance among the stars, the next we part with the ones that we loved. These artists challenge canonical forms, materials and structures, and through paintings, sculptures and performances, they realize a universal language for human conditions.