West Bund Art&Design Fair 2019

Nov 7, 2019 - Nov 10, 2019 Art Fair

Artists: Yitian Sun
Address: BANK
BANK/Mabsociety brings artist Sun Yitian and her playful take on commodity culture to West Bund Art & Design 2019. In her latest instalment of photo-realistic paintings, Sun gives life and characters to mass-manufactured products. Ken dolls and red stilettos are given an aura in the form of the artist’s painterly spotlight. Sun Yitian puts her glossy paintings in conversation with giants like Marx and Baudril- lard: surface overrides labor, and seduction of the object is ever more eminent.
While a painting of an inflatable palm and two pool lounges transports patrons to a virtual landscape, the booth, a shopfront, takes a critical look at the market economy.
  • Gia | Yitian Sun

    Painting | Acrylic on wood panel | 38 × 45.5 cm | 2019

  • Party on Waikiki | Yitian Sun

    Painting | Acrylic on canvas | 230 × 230 cm | 2019