Jan 27, 2018 - Feb 21, 2018 Group Exhibitions

Opening: Jan 27, 2018 03:00 Saturday
Artists: Sheng Yini , Yan Yizhou , Chen Jingwen , Cao Yu , Cheng Xiaofang , Jiang Meiqi , Huang Huixian , Li Binyuan , Lu Yang , Shi Bing , Zheng Hanqi


“0:00”- is both the beginning and termination of a clock’s cycle. “0:00” is an existing space-time that doesn’t belong to any single day and represents an infinite state of criticality. From evening to midnight, people take off their “normal” mask and return to their inner selves, thus “0:00” can be classified as a state beyond “normality”. While our “normal” attitudes are influenced by social norms, “0:00” is a space that allows us to look for a certain self-identity or self-emancipation – a spiritual world otherwise unreachable under normal conditions. Like Foucault’s “madness”, or a portion of the sea blocked in a crevice, “0:00” bursts out with the truth that rationality can never reveal, and breaks free from established social shackles. 
The relationship between fiber and the body is regarded as common and natural, it forms as a matter of course. But once we perceive any irregularity in familiar settings, the sense of strangeness is transformed into energy from which endless possibilities emerge. As we are detached from the common world a new state is born in “abnormality”. In this exhibition, the floor is repurposed as a large, soft bed. Visitors can lie down on the white sheets and physically experience the collapsing boundary between private and public spheres. In this timeless space the normal, quotidian act of lying down on a bed is abdicated of its normality. When failing to describe a state beyond one's accustomed range, we would usually use the term “unusual” or “abnormal” - a word at war with the “normal” - in which fresh perceptions arise in the paradoxical experience. In 0:00's extreme state of criticality, things have reached their threshold, and have already begun to change.