CHEN ZHE | Ten Directions: The 10th Anniversary Exhibition of Three Shadows Photography Award @Beijing

BANK is pleased to announce artist Chen Zhe's participation in the exhibition Ten Directions: The 10th Anniversary Exhibition of Three Shadows Photography Award opening on 9 June and continues through 5 August, 2018. Three Shadows Photography Art Centre organized the exhibition by selecting the most representative young artists in the past ten years to exhibit their works. The exhibition narrates in a non-chronicle of structure to present the multiplex practice of Chinese young photographic artists in the past ten years.It is also a review and summary of the ten years achievements of the Three Shadow Photography Award. The exhibition will reveal the individual growth and self concerns of 38 young photographers and artists in a personal perspective. At the same time, the audience is invited to comprehend beyond the static definition of photography, to muse on the visual sensory that photography offers. It also sets a scene helping the audience understand how Chinese photographers and artists work with the media of “photography”, the orientation and boundary to push forward.